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Brushed Back Satin Nightgown

Looking for a stunning nightgown that will make you stand out from the rest? look no further than our brushed back satin nightgown! This flattering nightgown has a colorful floral-print satin nightshirt that provides a preliminary or abstract look while the pink aqua gives you that finishing touch. As an added bonus, choose size! This nightgown takes care of business, with a new size for each customer!

Brushed Satin Nightgown

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Miss Elaine Brushed Satin Nightgown

This miss elaine nightgown is made with a beautiful embroidered blue back satin long sleeves size xl. The nightgown has a comfortable brushed back design that will make you feel comfortable and sexy. The nightgown is made to be aísœ this dress is made to be crinkled and still maintain its classic look. The fabric is a brushed back satin with a bit of pink detail along the bottom. The pajama shirt is embroidered with simple black lines on the bottom hem. There is a bit of fabric at the top of the pajama shirt for apadding. The shirt is tightly sewn together at the top for a snug fit. For ages 18-24. this amazing nightgown is made with asummary brush back fabric that creates a luxurious feel. The nightgown has a bit of a bumped up finish with a satin brush hair on the back. This type of nightgown likely needs more than just a quick washes because it is so important for the body, mind and home. I love this nightgown's bright pink color and the way it looks on you it is sure to make you feelamping as lovely as you are. this brush back nightgown is designed with a floral-print style and a-rows neckline. Featuring a back tie-in to the body, this nightgown is made to be a must-have for any woman who loves giving and receiving.