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Vintage Slips And Nightgowns

This vintage simplicity sewing pattern offers a stylish and practical way to add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe. With its modern influence, this pattern is perfect for use in an indoors or out home. The luxurious and comfortable fit also means that this pattern is perfect for busygeless hours.

Best Vintage Slips And Nightgowns

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Vintage Slips And Nightgowns Walmart

This item is a vintage slip and nightgown set from nine and company. They are mint green, and are longer in the back size than the small. They are also in a good condition. this is a vintage slip and nightgown set. It is made of 1950s lace and is top and hemmed. It has a billowy fabric top and nightgowns of never worn. There is a slant edging of; never worn, the slips are soft, and the nightgowns are of a high quality. This is a great opportunity to add one of these sets together with a vintage stormire nightgown set to create a very unique look. this ethnic inspired dress is perfect for a special occasion. It's a little big but it will be a comfortable fit. The cotton and nylon fabric is so soft and lightweight. It's for both nightwear and wear during the day. It's a great purchase for a special occasion or a everyday wear. It is in beige peach hue and has a felt feel. It is made to be comfortable and soft. It is in at least 38 40 size.